Koebrugge Metaal Bewerking, abbreviated K.M.B., started on January 1, 1990 under the leadership of Jan Koebrugge as a supplier in machining, at the time with one new CNC bed milling machine and a few conventional lathes. The first three years a workshop of 200m2 was rented, since January 1993 K.M.B. located in its own, modern and efficient accommodation at Business Park “Het Wegdam” in Hengevelde.

K.M.B. is a modern supply company, we specialize in a few new products, but also in serial work that is repeatedly ordered.

The main activity is the production and processing of new and existing mechanical components, often machine parts, in the most diverse metal and plastic types.


Long-term collaboration

“We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Koebrugge Metaal Bewerking. We come back regularly with new requests.”

Good communication

“Very satisfied with the process and the communication regarding the assignment.”